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Canton Lane Range

Trap Range

Our club has one of the most attractive trap facilities in Montana for both new and experienced shooters. Our Canton Lane facility has four trap houses, a shotgun patterning area and a clubhouse with restrooms. We shoot every Sunday afternoon during the warmer months and we host one ATA shoot annually


Check the online Calendar of Events for times and dates

We welcome adults, both beginners and veteran shooters, as well as young shooters. The club runs youth shooting programs when we have enough youngsters to participate and we have both NRA and 4H instructors. We are a safe but laid-back group with extra guns on hand for youngsters and adults and plenty of friendly support, coaching and advice, free for the asking if you want it.


Folks who want to check the weather before driving in from out of town can check the nearby Silos web cam and see a view of the lake and the Silos launching ramp. The cameras image updates every 15 minutes and shows what Mother Nature is really doing here.

We look forward to shooting with you!

Indoor Range

The Canton Lane indoor and trap range provides class room and meeting area and a ten station indoor shooting range.  All shooting events are scheduled for each quarter in the Club's newsletter.


The 50 foot indoor range is used for .22 rifle and handguns from .22 to .45ACP, .357 Magnums and .44 magnums are not used on the indoor range.

All shooting events are scheduled for various types of shooting with .22 rifle and handguns.


The indoor range is also used for indoor archery on a scheduled basis.


 4H air rifle and air pistol are conducted in the Canton Lane range building.


The Club hosts with MFWP two gun hunter education classes and two bow hunter education classes each year in the Canton Lane indoor range.


Classes for beginners are held for rifle, pistol, and shotgun and are scheduled for classes of 5 students.

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